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Niro-Pe offers a 5 years warranty on all articles.


Easy mounting

All products are delivered with wall plug and screws.


All products comply with EU security requirements.

All rails meet the requirements of the directive 93/42 EWG.
Category: auxiliaries for handicapped, Class 1
All products have a max. encumbrance of 100 kg (130kg).

The supplied screws and dowels are for mounting on strong walls.
Installation should only be carried out by qualified professional, able to assess the suitability of the mounting to the structure.


SonderanfertigungenCustom Made

We can manufacture to your requirements from your drawing.


Special colours

There are individual colours available.

Our products are under constant development so technical changes may occur.
Deviations from the colour shown in the catalogue may occur due to printing variations.
All designs are registered. Registration G9407553.0