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Luxury with special turning

As varied as their individual tastes and wishes can be, all superyacht owners have one thing in common: a refined sense of aesthetics and attention to detail. With this in mind, the yacht-fittings producer Niro-Petersen and the yacht engineering and consulting firm Dölker + Voges have collaborated to create a beautifully handcrafted barstool that leaves nothing to chance when it comes to perfection in interior design.

The B:02 luxury barstool always ‘remembers’ what position the owner intended for it – and always faithfully returns to that position. The beauty of this feature, termed Memory Function, is especially striking where groups or rows of barstools are installed: guests can adjust the height for comfort and freely swivel to the left and right, yet the moment they leave their seats, each B:02 automatically returns to its original height and alignment.

In addition to its sophisticated engineering, the B:02 is characterized by exquisite handcraftsmanship and elegant, contemporary design. Niro-Petersen’s highly advanced metalworking techniques enable the company to execute forms with exceptionally graceful and fluid lines – a challenge few other facilities would attempt. Not even the weld seams are visible. Thanks to electrolytic polishing, a method using special equipment found at only a handful of manufacturers, the stainless steel surfaces have a stunning mirror finish.

The upholstery is carried out in the client’s choice of top-quality indoor or outdoor materials and finishing techniques to match the vessel’s décor and color scheme. But of course aesthetic appeal isn’t everything: the B:02 also pampers yachtsmen and their guests with an extraordinarily comfortable sitting experience.